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Trystine TI Design & Evaluation for Ensuring Nuclear Survivability & Engagement (DEfENSE™) utilizes a systematic approach to the Design, Qualification & Sustainment for System Nuclear & Radiation Survivability & Operational Capabilities. Our experienced team of over 160 years provides innovative & cost-effective design solutions.

Nuclear Weapons Environment (NWE)

Nuclear Weapons Environment (NWE)

Nuclear Weapons Effects requirements are based on the equipment’s mission profile & location. Requirements may be generated from the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and other Government Agencies such as the Missile Defense Agency & Defense Threat Reduction Agency as well as Security Agencies & National Laboratories. NWE environments, effects & tests include:

  • Gamma Dose Rate
  • Gamma Total Dose
  • Neutron Fluence
  • Neutron Single Event Effects

  • Electromagnetic Pulse
  • Nuclear Air Blast
  • Nuclear Thermal

Space Environment

Space Environment requirements are based on space-based electronics and materials utilized in satellites, exploration vehicles and equipment, & missile defense equipment which may be subjected to Natural Radiation & Nuclear Weapons Effects Environments. Space environments, effects & tests include:

  • Heavy Ion Single Event Effects
  • Proton Single Event Effects
  • X-Ray Effects
  • Enhanced Low Dose Rate Sensitivity

  • Terrestrial Neutrons
  • System Generated Electromagnetic Pulse
  • Internal Electromagnetic Pulse
Space Environment
Medical Applications

Medical Applications

Nuclear and radiation hardening of electronics and materials utilized in medical equipment and devices are based on specified required equipment performance characteristics & anticipated lifetime exposure. Medical application environments, effects & tests include, but are not limited to:

  • Gamma Total Dose Radiation Aging
  • Transient Electron / X-Ray Effects
  • Shielding Analyses

  • Proton Radiation Aging
  • Transient Proton Effects

Radiation Detection

Radiation Detection equipment hardening requirements are predominantly based on performance requirements during the exposure & operation of the equipment in Alpha, Beta, Gamma & Neutron environments. Physical & performance characteristics include, but are not limited to:

  • Power, Alarms and Interoperability Characteristics
  • Accuracy
  • Energy Range, Error and Cross-Channel
  • Response Times

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Minimum Detectable Concentration
  • Sensitivity
Radiation Detection
Nuclear Power Applications

Nuclear Power Applications

Trystine TI provides testing & analysis of Nuclear Power Safety equipment, support electronics & materials. Test & analyses may be designed to simulate lifetime, emergency & accidental exposure. Nuclear power applications environments, effects & tests include, but are not limited to:

  • Gamma Total Dose Radiation Aging
  • Gamma Total Dose Emergency / Accidental Exposure

  • Modified Spectrum Neutron Fluence Radiation Aging
  • Neutron Fluence Emergency Exposure
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